I have an elated feeling
like I’m feeling good again
so long I’ve waited
for this change to occur
the guidance from above
was there
but sometimes the
physical mind doesn’t mind
acting like its in control

all the while
it’s not
my spirit has arisen
no longer am I a
prisoner to false desires
the day is here
I know it
I’m feeling so elated.
like greatness is
right around the corner,
but in fact, its here
not to be forced
flowing naturally, nature-like
ebbing through me
I’m feeling so good
Ten years of wondering
wandering through the wilderness
having the knowing
yet trapped
in the three-dimensional
running, avoiding
not able to face myself.
now the mirror is everywhere
no escaping
nor eluding
the inevitable
the reflection of me
in everything
unified beings
now I see
struggling to accept the truth
my individuality is
bound to the wholeness
that is you and me
there is nothing outside
of the one.


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