Episode 46b: Gentle Hatha Yoga #3 – Pose Guide

This is the pose guide for our Gentle Hatha Yoga #3 — 20 min podcast class.

Another addition to our extremely popular Gentle Hatha series. This gentle flow will work to warm your body, but moves very slow through the poses so you can relax and get the maximum benefit from each posture. Jackie incorporates a lot of unique twists, such as half pigeon twist, which will not only stretch the entire back, but detoxify the body. This class in an excellent way to relax and unwind from your day, or for anytime when you want the benefits of an amazing yoga practice without the feel of an intense workout. 

              Click here for pose guide!

Source: http://yogadownload.libsyn.com/episode_46b_gentle_hatha_yoga_3_pose_guide

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