2012 Post-A-Day Challenge

Just the mere thought of challenging myself to do a post a day for the entire year of 2012 is giving me a little bit of writers block. In fact, it’s taken me all day to write this post which I started at about 10 this morning which is when I originally came up with me doing a post a day this year starting today, January 1.

I’ve never committed myself to something like this and absolutely never to anything publicly. I can say with certainty that it makes me somewhat uncomfortable making a commitment to write a post everyday in 2012. Well, I better qualify that. What makes a “post”? I’m committing to actually writing a short or long article of substance, images or video optional, as opposed to just throwing up a video or re-posting another blogger’s post.

I’m a little nervous but more excited to see how this challenge unfolds. My goal is to develop my voice and perspective as a writer to bring interesting and compelling topics mostly related to yoga to my readership.

So I’m ready for the challenge -> Post-a-Day 2012, let’s go!

One thought on “2012 Post-A-Day Challenge

  1. I live in the Caribbean and recently viisetd Brookings. The cold SD wind had me chilled to the bone. I happened to see Yoga-versity’s advertisement in the local paper.The studio was fantastic and I had a wonderful experience. And yes I was able to get warmth back in the core of my body.

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