This was supposed to be posted yesterday…new changes, bad memory : -)

I don’t know how many times I’ve said “I am so broke” or “I can’t afford this or that”. I’ve even told my 6 year old son the same, “Mommy is broke right now buddy…”. Although the reality is there are many things I can’t afford, it doesn’t mean that I have to claim the status of being broke all the time.

Looking back, I’ve always said negative things like this about my financial situation. My thinking has always come from a perspective of lack. My mother told me the same things, “I’m broke…I can’t afford that”. She lived in her reality and the reality was that she barely made enough money to buy the necessities to live.

Recently, I was flipping through channels on TV and happened upon about the last 10 minutes of a Joel Osteen sermon. I love watching Joel Osteen speak because he always keeps a big grin on his face. The constant smile on his face let’s me know he loves what he’s doing, to me it looks like a genuine smile. One time I caught him while my son and I were watching TV. My son quickly commented, “Why does he have that big smile on his face?” I told my son he must be happy. The sermon that day happened to be on speaking and thinking about what you want as opposed to what you do not want.

Whether you like Joel Osteen and his smile or not doesn’t matter as much as his message that day. “Here’s the principle”, he says. “What follows the I AM will come looking for you”. In other words, whatever you use after the words I AM is what will be.

In my case, ‘I AM so broke’ is what I’ve been saying for years. And many more I AM’s that will not lead me in the direction I want to head. This year, it’s all bout watching the I AM. Being sure that it’s protected and followed by words that are positive and nurturing to my spirit.


I AM – The Origin of Manifestation

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