2012 Ascending

Below is a powerful video discussing the ascension process some feel is taking place right now. Personally, the change has been occurring in me since early 1998. For lack of a better description, I had a spiritual epiphany. I was never a religious or even spiritual person, I mean, I’ve always believed in God but never really felt the connection.

One day, out of know where, I was watching TV and I began having the feeling that God was talking to me; telling me that TV was deceptive. Seemed strange that I was getting a message about watching TV, which I loved to do all the time, that and shopping, of course. The feeling of having God talk to me was a bit unsettling being that I never had that feeling before.

So naturally, I go to a friend of mine who happens to be very religious to tell her about my experience. The moment I spoke the words aloud, “God has been talking to me”, it felt like something touched my shoulder and a tingling sensation went over my whole body. I felt like God touched me. The next three to four months I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness to the point of tears. I felt like a baby newly born and bathed in the spirit of God. If I even uttered the word ‘God’ I would break into tears. If I mentioned the experience to anyone, anytime, anywhere, I would break in to tears. It was the most spiritual, emotional experience I’ve ever encountered.

Back then, I had no clue what was going on with me. It was like my thought patterns were instantly changed in that moment; like God had infused my heart with pure love and potential. But my physical body would have to adjust to this new way of being. I knew that God was calling me to service. The problem was I had to clue what I was supposed to do. Thus began the journey of a seeker. I turned the TV off and began to search for my truth.

14 years later I am still on the path of a seeker. I’ve come a long way in the journey of self discovery yet still have a long way to go. I’ve learned so much over the years but still feel like I know nothing. One thing is for certain, I know that I am changing for the better.

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