Free 2 Be

 At age 25, I died.
 It may sound tragic
 But the time spent b4 that
 did not attract the satisfaction
 of God's plan.
 I didn't understand
 No direction, temporary affection
 in need of love
 still prayin above
 what to do?
 Bad credit, no degree
 no chance in this land of
 so-called opportunity.
 But wait...
 God has blessed me with a face
 a face that's pleasin'
 somewhat deceivin'
 nurturing eyes,innocent stare
 lacking self love
 so how could I care.
 On the outside showed confidence,arrogance
 my temper lit at any instance
 confused and angry
 my youth long gone
 I just wanted to be loved
 is that so wrong?
 Just to be noticed
 not noticed by way of my exterior
 but by way of a mirror, a reflection
 we all have a connection to God
 but can you see me?
 No,not like BET
 don't use your five senses
 use the only sense God gave you
 so you can know
 and stop wishin'
 are you stayin'
 cause the revolution is still alive
 People,we gotta rise!
 So at age 25,I died.
 A promise was made to live anew
 not talkin' about religion
 I'm talkin' about livin'
 universal laws govern
 the given ground we walk on
 the birds,the bees,the trees
 are all in harmony
 why can't we be?
 sheddin' egos
 wants,desires,so-called needs
 those times of tryin' to please
 we gotta let that shit be
 so we can be
 free 2 be!
 See His will for me
 was not to be some simple minded vixon
 with no conviction
 He has bigger plans
 Man, though not just men,also women
 look at ass,dick, titties,thighs,faces
 The flesh
 The mess
Image not the moment
 not knowing,not feeling
 what's inside
 we're all tryin'to hide
 but why?
 don't you know that You  and I are the INFINITE!
 we started this shit
 we can't stop now
 You may ask how...
 How in the world can we  live in this place?
 well think about this
 We all have seeds that   are in need
 of love, honor, affection
 and most importantly direction.
 NOW is the time
 we're all on the grind
 but if we take a moment to find
 our souls key
 then you and I and all of our children
 will be
 free 2 be! 


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