The Other Side

My subconscious creates chaos,
Constantly causing external ecstasy,
Not of spirit but physically.
My wrong mind tries to
fight my right mind,
sometimes winning
stubbornly stabbin’
my balance
my harmony
my ability
to simply be me.
I’m tryin’ to maintain
a certain frame of mind,
namely that of positivity,
but the physical part of me,
the flesh,
is making a mockery or test
of my mental montage,
which is one of beautiful
using my senses,
this moment lead me to see
that heaven sent this space.
So how in the world
could I let negativity
creep into me,
slowly but surely,
fighting to fend off
the monster within,
losing my religion.
Not to mention
reacting unrighteously,
to certain situations,
controlling my mean-spirited
my self-righteous
making me feel like
hell and damnation are
on the other side.
Yet my right mind
is tellin’ me to be patient,
wait and learn from
the situations I’m facin’,
the decisions I’m makin’
are necessary for me to see
the path that lies before me,
the epitome of who I can be.
Then he comes in again
we all know
that blemish within
trappin’ us in
habits and desires
that aspire to be
non-nurturing to our
mental stability,
our souls roaming free,
losing our consciousness.
We can never let what’s
inside hide,
our truth,
unspoken rules of who
we are and what
we came to do.
the other side
of me,
the silhouette
of my insecurity
causes disease
which could spread
if I let it.
If I allow
negative energy
to get to me
my surroundings will reflect
certain idiosyncracies
often seen externally
disagreeing with
the universal camaraderie
that should be the world.
Truly all we must do is
realize what lies within,
make amends
with the entity
causing self-destruction
and complacency.
No simple solution to
cure one’s misery
is conceived easily,
we must overstand
our plan in life,
Our visions,perceptions,reactions
we should take in stride
for our transition to
the other side.


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