UPDATE: KONY2012 – Is Joseph Kony a Freedom Fighter?

Joseph Kony has become the talk of the week! Videos have been added online showing a Joseph Kony as a humble, freedom- fighting revolutionary. I can see why so many people simply stay out of matters such as this. It becomes so convoluted. So I decided, I’m going to let the politico blogs speak on further KONY matters. So this will be the last post on the subject. I can’t say I will never speak on a political topic because I have an opinion and sometimes I want to share it.

Anyway, in the case of Joseph Kony, the jury is still out. If he is saying his group did not commit those heinous acts, then who did? Is saying “I didn’t do that” really a defense against war crimes? Was it actually the Ugandan government? Is it really all just Propaganda by the Ugandan government? We all know propaganda is a powerful tool. History has shown how it can be used to control minds. And we can look at the history of Uganda and see there has never been a stable Democratic government in place ever. So many questions…

I still think the KONY campaign is brilliant. It’s really a testimony to the power of social networking and how one persons plea can be heard and shared by millions. But we all know there are always two sides to every coin.

Find more facts about American-Ugandan relations here. 

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