I just finished reading the book Money by Arnold M. Patent. The main point the author is trying to get across is that “money’s only purpose is to express appreciation”. And that basically, we all created this money game, placing our God given power in money instead of ourselves, as a way to disguise ourselves from our true selves. In other words, we create difficult situations to challenge ourselves as humans because we as God’s creation already possess unlimited knowing and abundance. But as humans we create lack and limitations for ourselves so we can re-discover the true nature of who we are — Divine Beings.

Our point of power, Patent says, is appreciation in the now. He defines appreciation as “the ever expanding energy of valuing.” Appreciating the challenging games we created, including the money game is a part of valuing ourselves. We value our imagination for creating such complex, intense challenges designed to help us recognize our true selves again. Once we’ve focused on appreciating all and everything around us, we can then give ourselves the opportunity to BE appreciation. When we become appreciation, it only expands to others and flows generously back to ourselves.

What an awesome way to look at life and how the energy of money can ebb and flow. Appreciation begets appreciation. When I appreciate what I have, I am not giving my power to money. Money has not the power to make me happy, I have the power to make me happy. I have the power to increase my flow of money and use it to show appreciation to others as well as myself.

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