No Dream Is Too Good To Come True

I have a little book called Faith in the Valley: Lessons for Women on the Journey to Peace by Iyanla Vanzant which has short messages arranged according to what you are feeling. For example, there are passages for when you are feeling depressed, anxious, happy, moody, etc.

I like to open the book in a random place and read the passage for the day which is usually something I need to hear. Today, I opened the book to a passage about fear and vision. The passage reads:

Dreaming can be frightening. When you dream, all things are possible. I like to dream. But it can be frightening to imagine that you can have anything, everything that you want. It’s mind-blowing to imagine that there is a place where all your needs are met, where all of your wishes can come true; that you can live the type of life you have dreamed of without struggle or effort. Can you imagine doing all of the things you love to do; being paid for doing those things; feeling good about what you are doing and yourself. Is that frightening to you? It’s frightening to me! That is probably why it is not happening! I am afraid to dream. 

No dream is too good to come true.

One thought on “No Dream Is Too Good To Come True

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