Are You BEING Love?

I’m reading the book Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing. In this book, the author, Anita Moorjani tells the story of how she was astonishingly cured of cancer after awakening from a seven day coma. She tries to explain her miraculous recovery and why she was afflicted by cancer in the first place. The common thread throughout the book is the concept of “being love”. What does that mean?

By now is it obvious to most that we live in a fear based society. Almost our entire way of living, the choices we’ve made thus far as a whole have been based on fear. Our government, economy, the entire country was built on fear, instilling fear into people through various means. We did this to ourselves. As a collective whole the US has become a monster of fear, traveling around the world gobbling up the even more fearful. Everything around us is driven by fear. How can we possibly “be love”?

From my understanding it means allowing the cosmic life force which is divine love to flow through us naturally. In other words, allowing ourselves to be ourselves. Loving ourselves as we are unconditionally but at the same time knowing that we are all works in progress to perfection.

Loving myself unconditionally doesn’t mean suppressing certain emotions deemed to be negative. It means recognizing that all emotions are expressions of love out of the spectrum of love. But what harms us is our suppression of these emotions; this point is where one is not being true to themselves by not allowing the true feelings out. Unexpressed emotions can harbor in the body and cause internal damage. In Anita Moorjani’s case unexpressed emotions manifested internally as cancer in her body. In her coma state, she realized her true essence is pure unconditional love and that realization alone allowed healing to take place in her body. She realized that it was not her faith in God, her religious beliefs, nor her always trying to be positive that helped her heal but it was the acceptance of of her true nature, being one with God, being love.