Poetry from the Soul

I wrote this poem a while ago called The Foundation about someone I cared for very deeply. He didn’t really appreciate the poem…hopefully someone will!


The foundation was steady.
Now I try to stay away
but mixed emotions
Have me swaying
In and out of your arms,
Back and forth,
Off rhythm.
Pinned up resentment
On your part.
Non communication
Holding me
Emotionally hostage.
I want so badly for you
to be what you’re not
or what you decline
to be
out of spite.
But I still feel
the spell.
It’s like you put
the voodoo down.
You submerged
so deeply into
my sub-conscious
without saying a word.
And then
you shut down.
The memories of us
haunting me like a
supernatural entity.
The friendship,
the way we were.
Now the base is broken.
I had your back
In stone
The groundwork was
Already set
All we had to do
Was build together
Colossal structures unparalleled
The foundation was there
The friendship
“It’s just us”, you once said
But somewhere
Along the lines
I lost your trust
You walked away
from your throne
creating uncertainty
in the home and heart
It’s like the sun
Walking away from
The moon and stars
It’s unnatural
Against nature
Our destinies are
Inextricably intertwined
Combined, connected
Without you
The science and mathematics
Are not complete
The cipher is only half
When the math should be
A whole
Come back home
Destroy the wall
You built alone
Let’s rebuild together
Open our hearts
And share with
One another
We can fix it
The friendship
The foundation
Don’t turn your back
On the spiritual connection
we’ve shared
More than half our lives
you refuse
to acknowledge the kindred
living in a world
of smoke and mirrors
holding on to your youth
like anchors docking
ships to shore
trapped in a bottle
you throw your love
to sea
hoping it’s received
by a deserving soul
why not jump in
the deep with me?
the ocean is wide open
the shore is near
the foundation
the friendship
let’s reconcile
the pair of opposites
our nature is identical
Can’t you see?
I’m as perfect
As imperfect can be.
In the darkness
Your essence
Is calling me closer
Yet your lips
Speak the polar opposite
Icy words leaving
My ears frost bit
How I long for you to
Speak the words
The warm
insulating my soul
I wait anxiously
to feel your touch again
to be enveloped
by your passion
the seduction
your lips on mine
come towards my light
the foundation
the friendship
is still there.

©S.Parker 2010